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Creative Collage Art Collection You’ve Got To See

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If you remember cutting out newspaper and magazine pieces and glued them together to form a certain artwork, you may have been a collage artist and didn’t even know it. Artists like Pablo PicassoHannah HöchHenri Matisse and Romare Beardenonce implemented this process as a modern approach to making art.

Contemporary artists in this modern age are updating the collage tradition with new tactics and new media. This article features vintage and modern collages created using unique approaches which you can draw inspiration from, should you need ideas for your next collage project. Happy viewing and please do share with us your comments and suggestions about collage art.


Esen Demirci


Laurin Kofler


Design and Life




Julien Pacaud




Julia Geiser


Claudio Parentela’s collage


Emma Dajska




Pablo Thecuadro


The Pigeon Ranger




The Folio Society


Deconstructed FAB 4 Collage






Attention to detail


Hidden Thoughts


Hazel Lee

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