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Beautiful Hand Lettering & Typography Works – April 2018

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We have more hand-picked hand lettering and typography designs to inspire you this March. Check out the following creative typography that have not been featured in our previous collections. Take note of the details, you will be amazed!


Unseeing idol of Light by ranganath krishnamani 


T by muhammed sajid 




Raw Deal by Michael Moodie 




Playa Colorfont by Ale Paul — Sudtipos and Javirroyo Illustrator 




One Way Ticket by Eva Bochem-Shur 


intro to pixel art by Nevan Doyle 


Pool not Pluto – OpenType SVG ColorFont by Marcelo Magalhães 


Generator/Hilma by Magdalena Czarnecki 


Paris Climat by In the pool 


L’origine des mondes by Morvan Yohann 


Risa Rodil | Design, Illustration & Typography


Trust your gut! Poster par Lorena G


We are the 90’s à la Machine du Moulin Rouge


Lisa Charlotte Rost – OpenDataCityt Berlin


Systematic Randomness by The Observatory of Contemporary Graphics 


Los Angeles by Henry Rivers


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