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Latest Logo Design Inspiration – October 2017

We are continuing to feature more uniquely designed logos for the month of October 2017. If you’re looking for more inspiration for your next design logo and branding project, just check out the logos featured in this post. You will notice that they do stand out from the crowd.


Quartermaster Eatery by Steve Wolf

restaurant logo design by steve wolf





Dawood logo by Michael Brandt


Cannes Lions by Serrgey Kovalenko 


Blue S by Jord Riekwel 


Rooster by Yoga Perdana 

Rooster logo design by Yoga Perdana


Carrot (logo idea) by Yuri Kartashev 

carrot logo design by Yuri Kartashev


Griffin drib by Mike Bruner 

Griffin logo design by Mike Bruner


Perki by Kakha Kakhadzen 


LIBC Monogram by Emir Ayouni for The Forefathers Group 

LIBC monogram logo design by Emir Ayouni for The Forefathers Group


ADSuisse Branding by Omnium


Pinpoint Restaurant by Ryan Payne


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