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Beautiful Hand Lettering & Typography Works – October 2017

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We have more hand-picked hand lettering and typography designs to inspire you this October. Check out the following creative typography that have not been featured in our previous collections. Take note of the details, you will be amazed!

If you think you have an impressive piece of typography to share, your work can be featured on YDJ. So feel free to submit your best piece here.




R.I.P. A.I.M.


Learning Labs Lettering Process


Be Present . It Is The Only Moment That Matters


It May Not Be Easy But…


Mr. Kat & Friends Feat. Abraham Lule – Unstoppable


Mr. Kat & Friends Feat. Abraham Lule – Stand Out


Mr. Kat & Friends Feat. Abraham Lule – Attempt the Absurd


Viaje al Centro de la Tierra

Some Days You Just Have To Create Your Own Sunshine


Stay Brilliant

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