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How to Choose the Best Design Elements for Your Business Card

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Business cards are steeped in tradition. They date back more than five hundred years, and some cultures have very strict rules for how people exchange business cards. While there’s certainly value in all that tradition, there’s also something to be said for adding some modern twists to your business card design.

The team at Company Folders, a print and design firm, has rounded up some of the coolest ways to create an inspired, original business card. This helpful tool will walk you through these tips as if you’re moving through the design process, to help you make the best decisions at every turn. You’ll learn things like:

1. How to minimize contact info

It turns out those eight different contact methods you were using aren’t as necessary as you once thought. The best business cards only use 1-3 types of contact info—and they make sure it’s tailored directly to the target audience for best results.


2. What your card should be made of

Paper cards are a thing of the past for some designers. With more durable materials like fabric or plastic available, it’s getting easier to create unique business cards that make a big impression on clients and last far longer.


3. Why hi-res images are so popular

Long gone are the days when business cards used pixelated headshots of the cardholder to “introduce” that person. Today’s business cards feature an array of hi-res photos and amazing illustrated graphics to portray the cardholder’s work and personality.

You can find more amazing tips on how to design a cool custom business card in the resource below. And if you find that you’re in over your head with all these options, not to worry—the team at Company Folders has a solution for that, too. With their services, you can create a custom, hassle-free business card that’s perfect for you.



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