Awesome Motion Design Inspiration – February 2017

Motion Design – an abbreviation for Motion Graphics Design is the art of using graphic design and putting it motion with the use of visual effects, audio and animation in filmmaking, video production or multimedia presentations. Every month, we will be featuring of the best motion design works done by motion graphics artists from around the world to keep you engaged and inspired.

You can also have your motion design works featured in YDJ. We have a growing audience and we’re pretty sure our audience don’t mind giving you some attention and credibility for your piece.  🙂


SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 by Mikhail Sedov


Desire – Don’t Lose Yourself by Hyokjuuu 


PixTraffic by Graf Video 


Glitter by 




Fendi — Fendiloves by Happycentro Design Studio 


Mark Pritchard feat. Thom Yorke – Beautiful People by LUNAPARK motion arts collective, YUMEKON, Łukasz Kondek, Chris W and Magdalena Miszcza 


Adobe Photoshop 25th Anniversary by Adel Alrayani 


Alaraby Neighbours of Arabs by Believe 


Songerie by MORPHINE Motion Graphics 


Plato by Explain Ninja 


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