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5+ Awesome Tips for Revamping a Logo

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Logos are a brand’s most recognizable symbol, like its corporate “face.” Since customers identify a company by its logo, changing that logo can hurt brand recognition.

Think of it like this. If someone undergoes facial surgery, you may not recognize them the next time you see them—even if they’re a close friend. But when a person simply gets a haircut, new wardrobe, or makeover, you’ll still recognize them.

A logo redesign works the same way. Rather than restructuring your logo, it should enhance your logo’s best features for a stronger brand style. The team at Company Folders has collected these awesome tips for restyling a logo to help you learn how to streamline your logo design.


1. Isolate your old logo’s best qualities

Does your logo have an image, letter, or other element that stands out? If so, refocus your design on that element. For instance, the Marriott logo’s monogram “M” was more powerful than its symbol—so the redesign ditched the symbol and made the M bigger and bolder.


2. Look to the past for ideas

There’s a saying that history repeats itself—and so do brand identities. Talk to people who worked on past versions of your logo, or look at old sketches. You may find some cool ideas that can be modified to meet your brand’s current needs.


3. Strive for simplicity

Examine every element of your logo and ask yourself, “Is this necessary?” You’ll be surprised how often the answer is no. TGI Friday’s is a great example of a redesign that stripped out unnecessary parts: it removed the complex shape, ditched the punctuation, and capitalized every letter.


4. Remove extra colors

Like other design elements, colors are often overused. If your logo has more than 2 or 3 colors, consider which ones are actually contributing to your brand’s identity—and which ones are just distracting from the design’s message.


5. Embrace new trends and classic traditions

Your company’s logo likely has a long history that you should keep in mind during the redesign. While you shouldn’t build your new logo based on emotional sentiment, you can definitely incorporate the things you valued in the past.


6. Optimize readability

Brand logos are made to look cool, but sometimes readability suffers in the process—especially when using decorative or very thin fonts that are naturally difficult to read. That’s why Mail Chimp’s new logo features a more legible, yet still playful, script font.


7. Add hidden meanings

One way to get customers onboard is to add a hidden meaning to the new logo, which encourages them to engage with it. Once they’ve explored the design and seen multiple meanings, they’ll feel like you created a cool inside story just for them.

Now that you’ve studied all these tips, you’re ready to create a stunning logo redesign that resonates with your customers and leaves the best of your brand’s identity intact.


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