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Latest Logo Design Inspiration – December 2016

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This is the last logo design collection for the year 2016. There are many great logo designs out there. I came across some modern ones done by designers that really stood out and would like to feature them here in this post.

If you have a logo design you are proud of, you can also have it featured on YDJ. Just submit your best piece here. Happy viewing everyone!

Dove by matthieumartigny


Cute Bird logo by Daniel Bodea

Phoenix by Dalibor Pajic


Triccoon by Dalajlampa


Winnipeg Folk Fest by Brian Steely


SohoSquare by Kudos Design


Regular Car Reviews by Ryan Duffy

Bright Home Decors Logo by Pushkar Priyadarshi


Wilson Honey by James Engerbretson


BIOS by James Engerbretson


Hello from Heco by Heco


Drone mark by Doug Ransdell for Smashing Boxes


Logo for Soul-Fitness by Henry Song


Clara Luna by Jennifer Bianchi

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