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Digital Art & Illustration Inspiration – September 2016

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The design and creative industry is filled with talented graphic artists and illustrators! Their creativity and imagination are boundless, and simply inspirational in their own unique ways. We are showcasing a few art pieces here for your viewing pleasure.

We are also excepting new submissions in this category and would like to have your work featured. So submit your best piece here.


Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix by ‘RJ Artworks’

The Doors by ‘RJ Artworks’

Starman – David Bowie by ‘RJ Artworks’


Exploring Sigulda by Mara Drozdova


Boy by Ricky Linn


Immortalis Oblectamentum by Felix Krülls


Illustration by Matt Rockefeller


Tiger Paws by Alexander Vidal


Field & Stream by Brian Edward Miller


Mountain Town by Timothy J. Reynolds

Be prepared by MUTI


playing & painting by nidhi chanani


OSN by Timo Kuilder


The Multi-Colored Heart

Submitted by Karina Fernandez

One of us is a graphic designer and the other isn’t. However, we work together to create unique vector artworks. Our exclusive designs can be applied to a numerous amount of products such as prints, vinyl decals, cloth, and the like. In this particular piece we aim to convey what the heart is like. The Lego Heart is strong yet fragile, colorful but casts a grey shadow, loved yet lives on its own.


Jupiter by Justin Mezzell


Submitted by Emma

I have always been very sports orientated as well as a design orientated. Sailing especially has always been part of my life and more recently kiteboarding and wake boarding. The boat in this image is Protos, the boat I grew up on and the flying notion is part of a story that my grandad often tells me about his father. This artwork is mostly inspired by him and, I think, by a video I keep coming across of a Kiteboarder flying out the bake the Hugo Boss Alex Thompson Racing boat.


Modern Lovers by Martin Azambuja


Oz by Dave Mottram


The Dance of Love by MUTI in Animal Kingdom

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