Gorgeous Collateral Design Collection – August 2016

Almost every business owner prefers to go digital with their brand collaterals. While this is most ideal method in terms of promoting a product or service, print media is still relevant. While the digital media is overcrowded with heavy contents and ads, print media still makes a huge impact in terms of marketing and promoting a brand or a product.

Marketing collaterals like business cards, brochures, posters, T-shirts, and even product packaging give a tangible appeal to a brand, especially if they are designed in the most compelling manner like in the examples below. You’d think twice about discarding them.

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L’apothicaire de Aureum by Mei Tan


Soju by Unblvbl. Design concept by UNBLVBL AGENCY,Anastasiia Matveeva and George Shagalov


Blue Hill Yogurt by Apartment One


Protestad by srtaserifa .

Submitted by Nuria López

Protestad. This project started as a protest against the gag law, a law that slows our freedoms. It is a setback for freedom of expression and directed for the benefit of the usual. I invite you when you drink in company of friends, don’t forget that every time we shut our mouth, everything we fought for in the past is destroyed by our silence. Stand up and speak!

There’s no alcoholic beverage that exudes autonomy quite like free-spirited moonshine. Although it’s not the most sophisticated drink, this design takes sparing amounts of inspiration from the homemade liquor with ominous X’s, a minimalist approach, and a piece of rough twine for the perfect amount of rebellious spunk.


Filter Cafe by G Ng



[FongCha] Tea Packaging by Nio Ni


Stor by Socio Design


Diz-Diz Popcorn by TATABI Studio


DINO ICE / fruit ice lolly by Sasha B. Perelman and Katya Mushkina


Poplavok / fishing float by Ira Smolikova

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