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Beautiful Hand Lettering & Calligraphy Works – August 2016

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We are contuining to feature our favourite and hand-picked hand lettering and calligraphy inspiration. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this month’s collection. These designers when the extra mile to create typography out of the ordinary! Just take a look, and you’ll know what I mean.

If you think you have an impressive piece of hand lettering calligraphy to share, your work can be featured on YDJ. So feel free to submit your best piece here.


Out of sight by typo_steve


Ampersand by typo_steve


YOLO by James Oconnell


Drop files here! by Vova Egoshin


Lime by Rob Clarke


Run like the wind by Rob Hampson


Typography for The Art Company by Jael Millan


Carmah Sketch by Colin Tierney


Keepin’ the Craft by Roberlan Borges


Reset Your Default by Tmoline


Fortune Favours The Brave by Andrew Footit 


Grrl Spunk by Dmitriy Tkachev


Awake&Alive by Alex Spenser


Eye Saw by Kelly Spencer


There’s just one TODAY at a time by Matthew Smith


Lets Get Loose by Mister G


Negative Positive Poster by Bob Ewing


Handmadefont by Dmitriy Tkachev


Design Is Never Done by Kari Neuberger for Telepathy


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