logo inspiration july 2016 - Zola - Gold by Maskon Brands™

Latest Logo Design Inspiration – July 2016


There are many great logo designs out there. I came across some modern ones done by designers that really stood out and would like to feature them here in this post.


Save Tuna by Visien Vinesa


Zola – Gold by Maskon Brands™


“Imlazytoo” by Ala Botnarescu


Living Cube by Dos


CREATURE by skyu


VRNinja Logo by Andrew-David Jahchan


Rainforest Arts Logo by Jennifer Miranda Graphic Design


Personal branding : Saif Salah by Saif Mahdi


Integrity by Roach Design Co.


Casenda Furniture Brand – US Brand by Ramesh Vijayakumar  

Aikifesta brand study by Daniel Simões


Giraffe Fashion by JT Yean


Identity for security platform by JuanBarrera


Face of Angels by Hanae


Parks Caffe by Roko Kerovec


Puffin by Vic

My Lighthouse by last spark



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