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Latest Wearable Design Inspiration – June 2016

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Wearables are growing. Just a few years ago, there were beta devices being showcased at international tech events and expo. In 2016, there were more working wearable gadgets being rolled out to consumers. According to Forbes Tech, the wearable industry is showing no sign of slowing down. Like it or not, UX designers will very soon, have to dive into the design of these devices.

Fitness Apple Watch App [WIP] by Ramotion 


tomoon watch by by 木了个瓜 

Let it rain by David Martin 


Vinci smart earphone UI by balance yan 


W App by Tommy Willis Borgen for Uppercase 


Workout Tracker by Gary Wilkerson 


application concept for android wear by by Michal Galubinski and thoke design 


Geak Watch UI Design II by qi shi 


MOON smart watch project by Erős Balázs 


LUNA Watch Wearable Design by Seunghyun Kang and ecobridge company 


Sugar by BOLTGROUP Product Innovation and Kurt Rampton 


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