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Gorgeous Collateral Design Collection – June 2016

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Almost every business owners prefer to go digital with their brand collaterals. While this is most ideal method in terms of promoting a product or service, print media is still relevant. While the digital media is overcrowded with heavy contents and ads, print media still makes a huge impact in terms of marketing and promoting a brand or a product.

Marketing collaterals like business cards, brochures, posters, T-shirts, and the likes give a tangible appeal to a brand/product, especially if they are designed in the most compelling manner like in the examples below. You’d think twice about discarding them.

If you have great piece to show ( digital and/or print ), don’t hesitate to participate here.

Hexalab™ by Ariel Di Lisio 


Gnome Cups by Bret Hawkins


INDIVIDUAL UNION. by Parámetro Studio 


Phood Station / Branding by Paprika Design


SalesforceIQ Water Bottles by Mohsin Amjed 


Able Stationery by Tripp


Helvetica : A Tribute by Pranav Kumar 

Helvetica brochure

Helvetica poster


Caffeinated by Pranav Kumar 

Descriptive Video Works by Jess Gleason 


Odabashian by Anagrama Studio


R3 — Architectural Design Workshop by ARENAS® lab and Emil SOL

Hermoso Cariño by LAT | A Creative Company 

Art Museum University of Toronto Identity by Underline Studio 

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