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Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Freelancing Creatives

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There was a time when I was busy building someone else’s dream. I used to work as a regular 9 to 5 machine, like most of us do. But the question that I asked was, “How long should I fly amidst the flock?” Ever since, I have wanted to be an eagle that aims like an archer, flies like the wind and thinks like a scholar.

The era is changing with the evolution of start-ups, entrepreneurships, freelancing, co-working and numerous initiatives erupting in the business world. So, with freelancing, I took the first step to emerge like an eagle. I believe that freelancing and co-working go hand in hand, with fewer disruptions. Freelancing brings freedom to your work and co-working, on the other hand, brings a community of like-minded people together at work.

How Co-working Has Reaped Benefits

A freelancer enjoys the perk of working without any boundaries. However, they carry the burden of paying their own bills for utilities, systems, office space (in case you have one), commodities, etc. unlike a corporate job. The coworking space comprises of a wide range of professionals starting from designers, techies, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Today, we are going to share how the concept of “coworking” has changed the picture of the freelancing world.

  1. First, you can stop roaming around and settling at different corners of your house, and switch to a friendly work environment with like-minded people. You can seek a co-working space that consists of labs, cafeterias, libraries, conference rooms and private desks in exchange of a monthly/quarterly/annual outflow of money. At least it won’t pinch your pocket, unlike buying or renting an office space where you need to set up everything right from scratch.
  2. Creatives working from home or coffee shop spaces can enjoy the privilege of using systems, resources, social interaction, learning space and opportunities with some stake.
  3. The power of networking truly belongs here. Through free networking, you can connect with all the relevant people in your field. It helps in moving up the ladder and opening unexpected business opportunities.
  4. Every single day cannot flow with the same velocity at work. When you need a push or motivation, you can find people to discuss the problem. With the level of enthusiasm and energy in the coworking space, you would be able to accomplish your targets.
  5. You get acquainted with new ideas, strategies and activities. It starts the moment you begin to connect with other coworkers. You get to hear stories of their ups and downs, experiences, testimonials, and many tales that will keep buzzing your thoughts.
  6. Coworking spaces are full of innovation and boiling potential. It is a brilliant concept where an ecosystem is built towards striking a perfect goal.

If you look closely, coworking spaces are colourful and fuels creativity. However, we cannot ignore the fact that every freelancer has a different style of working and prefers a different environment to work.


Coworking Spaces for Creatives around the World


WeWork is a popular coworking community based out of London. At WeWork, you can work and relax in the beautifully designed spaces, attend exclusive events, meet thousands of potential clients from the creative industry and enjoy many other royalties.

As a member, you will be equipped with dedicated desks, private offices, a healthy cafeteria, free beverages and other business perks depending on your subscription plan. Wouldn’t that be a perfect setup to grow your freelancing and creative projects and accelerate your start up?!

CoWork Ybor

CoWork Ybor is a space dedicated for “creatives, solopreneurs, freelancers and dreamweavers.” They build communities in Tampa for creative professionals to grow and establish through coworking spaces. The amazing part to watch out is the level of passion and determination instilled in their work culture. The entire space has been built in an ancient building that is still rustic and authentic in its truest sense. Shelling out your wallet in this space would be worth it.


ACAT Penang

ACAT Penang is a uniquely designed coworking space with an entrepreneurial mind-set to enrich the start-up community. This coworking space offers accelerator programsincubatorsmentoring and start up events to grow the community through cohesion of ideas. They clearly intend to scale the business with their exclusive events, endorsements and boot camps.

Members are given access to high-speed internet, private desks and free coffees to sip in. And on the plus side, this coworking space is overlooking the breathtaking sea of Penang, Malaysia. Definitely, it is worth a visit for freelancers!


Foster started with a motto of attracting the creative citizens of Altanta to their zone. I liked the fact that they are uplifting the community for both personal and professional welfare. They support creative professionals through community engagement, their bank of resources and enterprise development.


Joynture is another exciting coworking space catering to multiple species ranging from writers, creatives, students, entrepreneurs and small enterprises based in the heart of New York. There are a zillion perks and privileges that one relishes with the access to educational events, provisions for full technology support, fortified bicycles to ride, human resources solutions, free digital marketing and web design courses, special discounts for fitness services, and lots more. Now that’s what I call a space full of treasure.

Common Desk

Common Desk is a creative and collaborative workplace located in Dallas, US. It is a unique workplace that is suitable for both freelancers and corporate professionals. They have extended the workspace across the U.S. for members to access their offices from any convenient location. You can enjoy the perks of private suites, free parking, telephone booths, fireplace lounge and much more. The add-ons are just too exciting, aren’t they?


MTRL was established as a drop-in lounge for creatives and has two coworking spaces in Kyoto and Tokyo. The coolest thing about these coworking spaces is they’re equipped with cutting edge technology. They have sensors, chips, materials, 3D printers and even laser cutting tools provided for ideas creation and prototyping. They provide opportunities for creatives to innovate, something which you can rarely find in a coworking space.


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