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Smart Questions to Ask In Your UX Job Interviews

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When it comes to the UX interviews, one must be thoroughly prepared – not just to answer all the questions but also ask relevant questions to the interviewer. This will make your employer more interested in hiring you. Ever wondered, how your questions will impact the overall interview and play a decisive factor in joining the company?

Make sure to cast your questions at the end of your interview. You will definitely be given a chance to ask questions. Frame the questions based on the conversational flow. So pick up the elements to form a question that will be crucial, insightful and judgmental to make you suitable for the candidature.

Let us see how the below-highlighted questions will be an instrumental in your interview.

1.   What is the vision for your company? 

When we ask about the vision, it purely states an objective to understand the company’s motto. This will help you anticipate how much they value their employees, customers and clients. You can view the traces of their culture.


2.   As a UX team, what are the long term goals to be accomplished?

This will give a sneak-peek inside the team that you will be a part of. You will know how designers are forecasting and strategizing their goals. You can easily chalk out the strategies aligned with their goals for the future.


3.   What kind of project works are expected to be delivered from me?

The answer to your UX job role will be crystal clear with this question. You can gauge the kind of projects that are undertaken and nature of processes that everyone abides by. Check out the kind of prototype models normally used in the different stages of UX design.
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4.   What are the parameters used for the evaluation of performance rating?

This will help you understand the attribute measurement of their rating system. You can analyze your UX skillsets that require attention and scaling for a better performance.


5.   How is every single day strategized into?

From a productivity standpoint, this will be a perfect question. Understand how well the work is segmented and implemented. Also, you can get cues about how the work is delegated to the different team members. You just need to have the knack of fitting the right questions on the right place.


6.   How will be my learning curve path?

To adapt yourself to the UX work culture, value and nature of work, you need to sail with the boat of time until you settle well. Deep-dive into the learning model, management style and pattern to get acquainted with the company.



Now that you have a picture of the company’s vision, management, culture and values, you have a good amount of information to process and understand if this company will be a desirable one to work and progress ahead.

Remember, ‘NOT TO ASK’ can be fatal. Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are. Understanding your values is the key. Being able to effectively communicate and knowing your values will significantly increase your chances of getting the UX job you desire.


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