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Classic & Beautiful Water Colour Paintings Of Places Around The World

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Watercolour, also known as aquarelle in French, is generally described as painting with water-soluble pigments on paper. To this day, watercolour paintings are still very popular. Famous watercolour artists like Adolph MenzelPaul Signac and even Vincent van Gogh once used water-soluble pigments to create landscapes, illusions and expressions in their art pieces.

We came across some spectacular and very beautiful watercolour paintings created by modern artists around the world. In our first series of watercolour art showcase, we’re featuring some paintings of places around the world.

We truly appreciate the works of these inspirational watercolour artists. You will be fascinated by their masterpieces as well, so enjoy this article.


Glacier Lake

Sunset at South Rim

Truckee Falls

Venice After The Rain

Venice Summer

Waikiki Beach


Aspens in Fall


Li River Morning




Rainy Evening Paris



Saint Cirq Lapopie


Market in Brussels




San Fransisco Trolley

New York


Monks in Burma

Rural life in India

Siamese Temple


Phuket, Thailand

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