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Spotlight On Graphic Designer: Florentina Arvanitaki

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Recently, we had the pleasure to talk to an award-winng creative professional who knows the masters of her art. Florentina Arvanitaki is a graphic designer who have done hundreds of illustration projects for her clients.

We simply have to dedicate a page on YDJ and feature some of her inspiring graphic design works here.

But first, here is her story.

Can you tell us about yourself?

Hello, so let me introduce myself. I am a 25 years old freelance graphic designer, and art lover. I was born in Romania and grew up in Greece and Cyprus. 

I graduated from college in graphic design and advertising, at Frederick Institute of Technology (Cyprus,Limassol), and after I received my BA degree (first class honours) from University of the West of England (Cyprus Department).

I have participated at some graphic design contests, and have 2 winning posters at Typoday 2015 Poster Competition, some featured designs at Redbubble and T-shirt Factory. At the moment I am a freelancer.


When did your interest in graphic design and art started?

Since I remember myself, I always love to create things or take objects and images and make collages out of them. Although I started my studies in Computer Science, after 2 years, I realized that art was my path, and especially graphic design. I entered a local graphic competition where I won a scholarship, and later pursued my studies in graphic design.


On finding inspirations…

I get inspirations from the world around me. That means from anything that can be visualised! Ever since entering graphic design school, I still am a curious lot and like experimenting with different design techniques. It enables me to understand how different design techniques work, and how best to use them. I don’t consider myself an illustrator, I would say that I am a visualizer. Besides creating designs for apparels, I like poster design and branding as well.


How do you begin your creative process and develop your own style?

I don’t usually like to start with sketches. I prefer to be more creative, and let the art happen. I love both vectors and images.

For some of my works, I use a combination of my own photography skills, or use projection and take photos myself. I would then use the photos to create collages, after which I will use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to manipulate and add vector graphics, typography, and the likes to my artwork.


Career wise, how do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years time?

If I keep developing my skills as a graphic designer for me that is success. I would like to work as a Senior/Creative Director in advertising companies or magazines. Or exhibit some works and work as a freelancer.


EXIST Poster


Poster Design & Branding for Hellas Campaign

Poster Design & Branding for Alzheimer Disease Awareness Campaign

Poster for Kefir


Editorial Design


Nature Forces pattern design

Nervous mockup




Vector composition

Escapism – conceptual photos

Infographics about anxiety

We are thankful for Florentina for sharing her passion and experience with us. We appreciate her time as well to have an online conversation with us. Being in the design industry is also about exploring and learning to not just design more, but design better.

We hope you enjoy this article as much as we have. To connect with Florentina and know more about her works, do check out the following links.






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