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3D Maya Tutorials For Beginners: Understanding The Software

Autodesk Maya is a leading 3D Computer Graphics software. The software is widely used to create graphics and visual effects for many cinematic films and video games. When getting started, it is important to first understand the fundamental and core features of the software.

If you are considering to get started on 3D modelling with Autodesk Maya and are looking up for online resources to hone your skills using the software, look no further. I’ve compile a great amount of easy-to-learn tutorials to get you started.

As soon as you begin learning, you will be able to acquire a comprehensive understanding of 3D modelling and animation using Autodesk Maya.


3D Maya Tutorials For Beginners

Maya Beginner Basics 1/10: Maya interface overview


Maya Beginner Basics 2/10: Setting Preferences


Maya Beginner Basics 3/10: Custom Shelf


Maya Beginner Basics 4/10: Viewport Navigation


Maya Beginner Basics 5/10: Geometry Basics


Maya Beginner Basics 6/10: Geometry Basics Exercise


Maya Beginner Basics 7/10: Custom Polygon Display


Maya Beginner Basics 8/10: Outliner, HyperGraph/Shade


Maya Beginner Basics 9/10: Snap Tool and Pivots


Maya Beginner Basics 10/10: How to Set Up New Project

Once you have familiarize yourself with the Maya interface, try your hands on some of these basic 3D exercises.


Additional tutorials

Creating A Simple 3D Puzzle Tutorial

Image source: Envato Tuts+


Rendering A Realistic Guitar In Maya Using VRay

Rendering a guitar in 3D Maya

Image source: Envato Tuts+


Maya Render Shader Tutorial

Image source:


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