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Japanese Artist Tanaka Tatsuya Creates Funny Miniature Art Everyday

I don’t know if this is one of many trending japanese art styles, or sheer obsession for all things tiny in Japan. Regardless, Japanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya has been creating playful miniature scenes everyday since 2011 and his works of art is loved by people all over the world!

The idea came about when one of his Instagram followers suggested that he “create a miniature calendar everyday“. And so he started his 365 project using everyday objects – from broccoli, loaves of bread, to sushi, to mobile gadgets and even emoticons! Check out some of his latest work below. They are among my favourites as well.

For more of Tanaka Tatsuya check out his website miniature-calendar.com and his infinite-scrolling Instagram page. He has definitely brought creativity to a whole new level. Man…this guy is insane!!










Happy Halloween



Instadrum (Drum-type washing machine)



Moscursor (Mosquito Cursor)



Home base?



Reserved seat movie theater



Ice floe



Running high jump






Telegraph pole



Skill training Jenga



CSI Taco



Plastering pretzels



Mapple Waffle



Moving walkway



Paper sea


Carrier Spiderman


Antman – Secret passage



Antman – Life is not so easy, Sugar



Antman – Run away and don’t look back!



Millenium “Roomba” Falcon?






Drive-in theatre


Mushroom fish








Trash can



Ski lift






That’s one big step for my son

Credits: All images © Tatsuya Tanaka





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