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The BLUEBOX: Designing For A Good Cause By Brian Schnurr

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I’m Brian Schnurr, 25 years old self-taught Digital Designer. I have been creating for over 10 years.

About The BLUEBOX!

The BLUEBOX! was a subscription service specially designed for children with autism. I enjoyed every minute of creating things for this project/product, including business cards, flyers, the subscription based website, custom graphics, logos, package design and everything else needed for their brand. I have been creating for web and print for over 10 years, and I love every second of it. I love designing and developing websites, and solving real problems with creativity. Whether it’s SEO, email marketing, or a re-brand to make it easier for customers to connect with the company, I love it. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Designing For A Good Cause And Why It Matters To Me

The BLUEBOX! means a lot to me, because it helps children with autism. The project’s mission is to make the child and the child’s parents life easier. I tend to take on projects that mean a lot to me, and this was a clear winner for sure.

I jumped right in and designed everything from the actual packaging used, to the e-commerce website. I developed all the code behind custom apps I built for the BLUEBOX!, and I also created custom database driven apps, so that finding new products to put in the box, and managing the products would be easier.

The first thing I designed was the logo. I wanted to pick a font that wasn’t typically used for children products. The colors came to me after I flipped through one of my pantone swatch books. It just felt right, and we went with it. From there I built the entire brand. I built the website on Shopify, using a custom theme I developed. Everything just kept falling into place, like the custom box designs, the web apps etc. It was just a fun project that I will always remember as being my favorite.

I also did all of the wire-framing, email designs, online advertisements, and almost everything else that involved reaching the audience with creativity!



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