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Design Clients Say The Darndest Thing?

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Designers, take heed of your clients’ ambiguous feedback.

Ever wonder what our design clients really mean when they provide different kinds feedback for our design work created for them?

Whether we are dealing with hard-to-impress clients or clients who are willing to accept our design decisions, it is always important that we understand what they need.

Remember that the client will always know more about their products and/or services than you do. If at any point of time you are having difficulty understanding what they say, I hope I could shed some light for you here.

Here are the quotes and translations of what their feedback really mean; represented in retro-style pop art.

Client quote "This feels familiar" translation - I think you ripped this off. Be more original Client quote "It's a bit heavy". translation - Unrefined. Try a more elegant solution. Client quote "you need to take a step back from it!". translation - You're trying too hard Client quote "It's very designer-y". translation - too trendy. It plays off too many motifs currently in vogue. Client quote "Just have fun with it!". translation - It looks lifeless. Client quote "Something's missing?!!". translation - It doesn't look good, but I don't know what to suggest to make it better. Client quote "This looks like student work!!". translation - It's unrefined and not well thought out. Client quote "It's clever". translation - It's too clever! Client quote "You're trying too hard!". translation - You're trying to make it cool and you're being self-conscious. Keep it simple. Client quote "This is wonky!". translation - This is clumsy. Client quote "It's static". translation - It's boring

Credits – print Magazine (April 2010 issue)





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